[onescreen]<SPOILER ALERT> Word travels fast through the internet community and so i hardly believe this is much a spoiler anymore but on this past sunday's episode of Family Guy, someone all fans have come to know and love was written off the show. Yes, believe it or not, Seth MacFarlane and the creative team behind the cartoon have decided to move forth without the martini sipping, human dating, and of course babys best friend Brian Griffin. It brought me to ask a few questions about the future of the series.

Question 1: WHY?!?

I can almost be OK with killing off a major character on such a popular series if it makes sense but Brian brings (and has brought) so much to the week to week episodes, it doesn't seem to make any sense to off him. How many episodes have Meg or Chris delivered to the goods? In my opinion, Brian is so important to Stewie's character and the adventures the two pursue. It's almost like wiping out half of Stewie.


Question 2: Another dog? Why not a different pet?

There's going to be tremendous backlash from hardcore Family Guy fans over the death of Brian but there should be similar confusion going forward on why the creators decided to stick the Griffin's with another dog. The show is terrific at adding in little dog stereotypes to Brian's character here and there but we've seen them for the last 12 seasons so why not switch it up? A cat maybe? or perhaps the Griffin family goes with a more exotic pet? Vinnie, the new dog, will be a Sopranos sounding knock off but that sound and act could have been gifted to any character and didn't necessarily need to be a dog.


Question 3: Is Brian gone for good?

I doubt it. Which again brings me back to the point of question number 2. If the Griffin's had adopted a cat, imagine the follies that could have ensued when Brian magically returns to meet Vinnie. oh well. What do i know? Similar to the Simpsons, the creators likely know that Family Guy's best and funniest episodes are already long in the past and something new is just a distraction from the fact that the show is probably on it's downhill slide. Giggity giggity goo.