Cutting corners? More like taking advantage of clever, A-Team moves that can shave off precious minutes each day! Look at these great ideas to make things work easier for you! 

Lemme explain first what this silliness is all about.

Is it a lazy thing? No. Not always. It’s being a clever and resourceful individual that wants to exercise his or her mind to develop more than one solution to a situation.

For instance…. Hey I need that stapler, but its way over there.

My trusty backscratcher, which already serves an amazing and helpful service of taking the itches away from back, is right here and it’s head is almost a claw. Why don’t I use that alternate service of my BS and retrieve that stapler that’s so far away!

With only a couple swift moves that stapler is right where I want it! A foot closer.

Ok, this might be childs play here, but I guarantee you there are plenty more that you’ll find useful in your every day if you click below. Enjoy! And hey, take a friggin’ load off!