Who are these chicks you ask? Well they are actually the dudes from Poison. Honestly, I'm not really a fan of the term hair metal or glam rock.

I understand those are generally the two terms used to describe these metal bands that have a pop-leaning sound to their music and a sometimes a different look (as you can clearly see in the photo.) How about......."arena rock with make-up"? Either way, the music is disposable to some but enjoyable to others.

Music styles come and go with trends and fads. The decline of "hair metal" began in the late 80's. By the early 90's, a new genre arrived that was dubbed as grunge. Maybe you've heard someone say 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' killed hair metal. There's is some truth to that. Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains, who actually got booed while on stage at The Civic Center in '91, opening for Van Halen.

After some of these bands broke up and walked away with their make-up running down their faces, there were a few that stayed somewhat prevalent. Not sure if you recall, but Bon Jovi went from one of the biggest rock bands in the world in the late 80's to having virtually no success at all in the 90's.

Def Leppard ended up being a different story. What was it about Def Leppard that kept them alive during the 90's? Granted they weren't selling records in the volume of Hysteria but still managed to have hugely successful tours and hit singles. The wave has since been somewhat revived and here are some fairly recent videos of bands that are still doin' it.