So we have an elderly man who allegedly got the gas pedal and the break pedal confused. In result, crashing into 10 vehicles in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot in Wisconsin. WTMJ 4 News reports police say that the man won't be charged for the incident.

There are a few questions that are rummaging through my mind. One is of course, should a 94 year old man still have a valid driver's license? Is that safe for anyone?

Next question is, if the man got confused on the pedals, why did he repeatedly crash into cars only to then drive erratically through the parking lot hitting more vehicles?

Maybe he realized he had been paying insurance for 60 years and decided he wanted to cash in on it. Luckily the man that turned a parking lot into his own demolition derby didn't cause any injuries or deaths.

I'll leave you with this one to ponder. Although police likely won’t charge the man, the Department of Motor Vehicles is looking into possibly retesting him for his drivers license. Yes...retesting a 94 year old man....for his drivers license. Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!