I was out DJing this weekend when a guy from New York approached me with a "guide" for the way Mainers speak...and asked me to translate. 

So there I was, playing "Love Shack" at a wedding on the coast of Maine when two guys in their early 20's from New York came up to me with a black binder of alphabetical terms that sums up the way that Mainers supposedly speak. They wanted me to translate some of it for them so they could make girls laugh and hopefully score some points. I woke up Sunday morning and immediately hit the google in hopes of finding this guide and wouldn't you know it, it truly does exist.

It's long but check it out here.

After spending about 20 minutes on, I've come to realize that I am guilty of using some of these terms. But if you're not from Maine and reading this, all of us do not talk like comedian Tim Sample!