In a recent article in the Bangor Daily News, author Seth Koening reignites the debate about Portland's city flag.

So yeah, it's pretty terrible. Radio host and author Roman Mars named Portland's flag one of the worst municipal flags in the country (see below,) which got a lot of residents talking about whether it's time for a redesign.

Do you think Portland should redesign its city flag? The city of Bath, Maine redesigned their flag in 2013. Should P-Town follow suit?

In May 2015, Roman Mars gave a TED Talk, and named Portland's city flag as one of the worst in the country. Roman i is obsessed with flags — and after you watch this talk, you might be, too. These ubiquitous symbols of civic pride are often designed, well, pretty terribly. But they don't have to be! In this surprising and hilarious talk about vexillology, the study of flags, Mars reveals the five basic principles of flag design and shows why he believes they can be applied to just about anything. Check it out!