First things first, DMX performed what some people would call a concert in Auburn back in February. I remember a couple of my friends from the Lewiston area mentioning that they couldn't believe a national act was going to be playing a show at the Fireside Inn. To be honest, I completely forgot about it and after reading this review of the "show" from Al Fabish of the Bollard, I don't think I missed much.

Inside Fabish's blog post, he details a shady and sketchy process of crowd control and obtaining pre-ordered tickets. Anytime you read lines like, "The line was dotted with people dressed as if the past 15 years never happened: baggy pants, big t-shirts, throwback jerseys. Many drank beers in full view of the policemen standing by outside" You already feel like you probably didn't miss out on much.

But it gets better. Fabish explains the ticketing process of meeting a random woman in a hotel room at the Fireside Inn, "The transaction in her hotel room felt a lot more like a drug deal than a visit to the will-call window, but we were finally on our way to see one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. Or so we thought." Yikes.

Apparently the show got underway two hours later than it was scheduled, and the performers on stage were unrecognizable or inaudible due to a shoddy sound system. There's this gem from Fabish's recollection, "At one point a burly woman got up and tried to fight one of the performers/fans." I'm sure that happens at a lot of shows.

But what about the man himself, DMX? What was his performance like? Well, his performance didn't take place until after 1am and if this line doesn't sum up the culmination of a fantastic event, nothing else will. "DMX came bursting out a side door, stepped on the lumber, grabbed the mic and launched into a hard-hitting set that consisted of exactly two and one half songs." Al Fabish finishes his blog saying that he felt like he got his money's worth, perhaps strictly on entertainment and nostalgia factors. But for a consistent concert goer, and someone who dropped $25 with the idea they would see DMX perform some of his biggest hits, I can't imagine any other feeling than let down.

Please read the entire blog post from Al Fabish courtesy of the Bollard here. It's worth the time and is a fantastic read. The rest of us? Time to party up I guess...