It's true. Watch his recent triumph here AND see that he's not the only rocker to make it on to a TV game show! 


ADAM DUTKIEWICZ (guitarist, killswitch engage) ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Anyone knows Adam, you know he's a MAJOR goof. Always yuckin' it up. Funny dude. So he was loving this you can tell. He goes the distance too! How crazy is this!



MIKE BORDIN (drummer, Faith No More) on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. He made it on for real too! It wasn't some celebrity version, although I wouldn't call him a "celebrity" very much. He made it on via his wife. Check out who is friend is he brought with him too! (Good thing Robert wasn't in Metallica then. The band probably would have sued him for appearing on a show while under contratct with Metallica Inc.)