There are a lot of things that annoy me about the way people park, but what I saw the other day on Commercial Street in Portland is just downright rude in my opinion. 

As I was walking on Commercial Street I saw a woman standing between two parked cars. At first I thought she was trying to cross the street then I realized that wasn't it at all.

Another car pulled up and spoke to the woman. I couldn't hear the conversation clearly, but it was obvious that they wanted to park where she was standing and she was saving it for someone.

The car drove off and I assume they were told the space was being saved. They didn't look too happy about it either and I don't blame them. A few seconds later another car pulled up that took the space, the one she was saving it for.

Parking is at premium in downtown Portland, especially in the summer. In my opinion, not only is it rude to shoo people away when saving a space for someone, it also can create a traffic hazard as cars continuously pull over wanting the space and then have to pull back out into traffic.

Am I alone in feeling like this?