With a new Star Wars theme photo spread and article in GQ, a hit TV show and a new movie opening this weekend, "Trainwreck", Amy is making a lot of noise thats for sure.

Lately and luckily, we've had some pretty funny people grace TV, Netflix and the silver screen. Talented writers and great funny people are a priceless combo. I'm a huge fan of funny. 

It should go without saying that funny is funny whether you're black, white, short, tall, American, Canadian, man or women. You gotta admit though, we're seeing a terrific steady run of funny gals lately and that is awesome.


In recent times, just a few years back Sarah SIlverman, Kerri Kenney and a few others knocked down some doors for the new generation. Cameron Diaz is always a hot ticket in her movies too. But maybe the gals of SNL started the latest boom of funny women though; Fey, Poehler and Wiig. Those women have tackled and owned sitcoms, movies, stand up, awards shows and even cartoons (check out Amy Poehler's "Mighty B!"). Add to the mix Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone, Ellie Kemper, Kristen Schaal, Mindy Lahiri and Carrie Brownstein to name a few and fellas, it's safe to say with comedy, it's a woman's world right now.

Hey, Sandler's slipped WAY down the charts. Jack Black's been kind of quiet. Kevin James kills it on the King of Queens which is on TV at all times, but his movies unfortunately... that's another story. Seth Rogan, tired one trick pony. And that trick ain't much. Will Farrell is funny, but his movies aren't as great anymore, Chris Rock has been on personal leave as has Chappelle. Chris Tucker finally did a stand up special for Netflix and Paul Rudd's usually great. BUT... safe to say it's the ladys that are running with it.


Amy Schumer has been quickly becoming the biggest name in comedy. From talk shows to her show to viral videos to her big debut staring role in, "Trainwreck", that opened at #3 this past weekend; it seems Amy Schumer's time is now. Why do we like her? Cause she's raw and yucks it up like your drunk girlfriend at fifty cent shot nights who lifts her top up all night and makes hilarious cracks at just about everything? Or is there true comedy within the walls of Schumer? Clever stuff? Or does America love a wild, potty mouth girl that you have no problem NOT bringing home to meet your parents?  

Her photos for GQ are shaking it up a bit too. Check em out below and let us know what you think of her. You laughing to Amy Schumer's comedy?