As of today, November 15th 2013, WCYY proudly has new owners and we couldn't be happier! This post is directed to our new friends at Townsquare Media, the proud mamas and papas of an 18 year old monster!

On behalf of WCYY in Portland, Maine hello to the gang at Townsquare Media and welcome to our crazy CYY world. We look forward to many productive and fruitful years together in this media world thing.. and what a kooky world it is! Speaking of kooky, I'd like to take a minute to tell you a bit about our station and the DJ's that represent it daily.

First off, this is not just any radio station. The listeners and us... its like a cult. Its a revolution. We are loud, we are proud, we're everywhere, we're on line, we're streaming, we're on air, we're local, we're worldwide, universewide and WE ARE CYY! 

We're people who love bands that live down the street from us as much as we love the biggest bands in the world. You will truly learn about the importance of local music as you get to know WCYY and the music right here in Maine. 

Our listeners are the type of listeners most stations pray for; honest, fired up, full of life, supportive, creative, sexy, loud, louder and always there everytime, everywhere.

Now, lets get to know the DJ's a little bit if you don't already!



TRENT: he's on the far left. Trent is newer to CYY, but a dude that LOVES radio. He's excited and happy most of the times about everything! We also hear that Trent holds a record (in the eastern United States) for juggling chainsaws and kittens. Amazing right?

BRETT: he's on the far right. Bretts a simple guy; wrestling, dirty jokes, fast food and usually 99.8% of the times never wears shirts with sleeves. Yes, even in the winter. He's also a stand up comic and hosts his own comedy night in town! Bretts one of those guys you worry about if you should worry about. He's safe though. We think. 

JOE: he's in the middle with the Red Sox hat pretending like he's not downward flexing. Joe is a radio dude! Good dude. Got the music hosting thing in his blood. He's a wrestling dude. He's a TMZ dude, Twitter nut, video game dude and big sports fan. We believe he now officially owns the rights to the word "Douche" due to his useage of it. He calls Rob "douche" about 412 times a week. Usually justified.

ROB: hes the tallest one of the bunch, standing in the back there. Rob is CYY. He's been here longer than any of us and he loves 80's music. Rob is CYY in all ways possible. He's a great DJ. He also leaves his Facebook page open alot of times after he leaves for the day and that just ushers in countless hours of on line and on air fun for all!

I'm Mark. I'm in the middle there sort of with the beard. I get reminded alot by the other jocks that I'm old. I might not be the youngest, but I say to them that nobody, I mean nobody can eat 50 eggs! I host the CYY Morning Show.. Show as well as "Spinout" the station's new music/local music show. When I'm not here getting my hands on new music from the radio station I'm out in record stores buying more music. Thats my passion. That and taking advantage of Rob's Facebook page when its left open and up for grabs! 

There you have it! WCYY radio, Portland, Maine, USA, Earth. You're gonna love us!