It's a sign of the time, so to speak. It seems those iconic, vertical town line signs that have been used by the Maine DOT for decades are slowly being replaced with a more modern design.

For a while now, many town line signs had been replaced with the DOT green signs like you'd see on the highway, but others would be replaced with the classic vertical version with some minor differences.

When I drove from Lisbon to Topsham this weekend, these new signs stood out to me.

There's a sticker on it with the date of '16, showing that it was recently replaced. The photo from 2012 on Google's street view confirms it.

Google Street View

The old sign was replaced with two on each side of the bridge. One for entering Topsham and one for entering Lisbon rather than one double-sided sign on one side of the road. I'm not a fan.

Call me sentimental, but I remember driving to my grandmother's house as a kid looking for these sings as we passed from town to town. They are pure Maine, and the new signs just look like something you'd see in any state.

Since then I've seen at least six other town line signs that have been replaced recently with the newer version.

All is not lost to time though, as you can actually create your own classic sign on at

Pretty cool huh? Want to name a town after yourself? You can do that.

Has anyone else noticed these signs being replaced? Which town line signs do you prefer?