Our old buddy Bam got into some fisticuffs in Iceland recently. Watch the video! 


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We all know Bam, sort of. We know his style, his bag and his fun side of life. Tough to know whats true and what's not. You want to lean his way though cause he just doesn't seem like the person who's gonna lie with the chance of getting caught. The other guy has everything to gain by messing with Bam. 

Or... is the whole thing a set up and they're both cool. It's just a hype machine move to bring attention to the rapper in Iceland and to Bam's... show? Tour? Web series? What is he doing these days? 

Anyways, when you have a career built like Bam's is on messing with people, pranking and joking no-stop; it's tough to know when he's crying wolf.

He's always been good to peeps in Maine though, so hopefully alls good and he cleans that shiner up before the next awards banquet thing.