A bagel shop in Bangor opened Sunday morning without a sign, but used social networking to get the thieves to return it without repercussions.



According to the Bangor Daily News, Bagel Central's owner Sonya Eldridge arrived at her shop Sunday to find her sign missing from the front of her store. But rather than call the police and file a report, Eldridge decided to use a different tactic first, make a Facebook post.

In her post she said, "To the idiots who stole our sign, we have been through this before. It happens about this time of year. I can assure you … you are on camera! But I am too busy right now to sit down and watch the video. If my sign shows up at my front door tonight I would be happy, if it doesn’t I’ll watch the video tomorrow. Yes, I press charges.”

Hours later, an individual showed up on the doorstep of Bagel Central with the sign in tow and apologized for stealing it. The individual told Eldridge that the sign was stolen after a night of drinking on a dare, and that they would pay for the damage to the sign. That led to Bagel Central making a follow-up post of Facebook:



Perfect ending to a silly story.

There are more details in the Bangor Daily News story found here.