Someone really wants to shake up the Simpsons again. Is America's longest running TV couple in jeopardy? Again?


Someone really wants to shake up the Simpsons. Someone passing away and now America's longest running TV couple are in jeopardy?


Simpsons executive producer Al Jean, told Variety that in the upcoming season of the show, "Homer falls in love with his pharmacist," who will be voiced by "Girls" star and creator Lena Dunham.

Hard times in the love department isn't new to the Simpson parents. If you remember, Homer filed for a divorce in the early years of the show. When they remarried, they eventually realized their Reverend wasn't properly licensed to do marriages. So technically, they weren't married for like a bunch of seasons.

How far does this break up last? Does Marge change up the blue beehive and get with modern times to look for a new boy toy? Or do they all end up living happily ever after for another 30 seasons? Will the kids still look the same age? You'll have to wait til September 27th, when The Simpsons launches it's amazing 27th season!!!

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