As we can closer to Dave's last Late Nite show, let's look back at his first show and the big time guest he had on to kick things off. 

Over the years there's been a few people that have been David Letterman staples. Great guests, people who really get and click well with Dave. Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Richard Simmons and Regis Philbin to name a few.   

Bill Murray might be at the top of that list. He's made numerous appearances on Letterman over the years. He's been there for the highs and the lows, the changing of networks and the celebration of anniversaries. Surely we'll see Bill soon one more time during Dave's last two weeks on TV, but let's look back now to his first appearance on Letterman's show (Letterman's first show in fact). WAY back before CBS, before stupid human tricks, Top 10 Lists and Worldwide Pants, before anyone really watched. Even then, these two were a great team!