Not sure this was Lucas Film supervised, but the kids at a school in Lynn, Massachusetts had a surprise visitor.

7News Boston WHDH-TV

What a kooky situation huh?

This probably was not a smart idea. Was he drunk? Didn't seem it. Did he have other motives, not according to the story so far. Did he want to give the kids a thrill seeing such a cool outfit you spent a lot of money on? Maybe heads up the school next time. You can't just walk up with a fake "blaster" from Star Wars like that. Not these days.

Joke or not, regardless of your intentions, you just can't bring that type of action to a school or mall or public place. Oh and those kids prob have no clue at all of Star Wars. Sad, I know, but that's the truth.   

Maybe the guy is a good Joe. Maybe he just had his head up his ass. Well no, he surely had his head up his ass. But still, don't do anything at all that can cause panic or confusion or worry near schools. The force isn't strong enough to look out for you even in a situation like this.