Today is the 28th anniversary of the Challenger Space Shuttle tragedy. It's hard to believe it's coming up on 30 years. I remember the day fairly well, I was in third grade. I remember the TV being wheeled in to the classroom on the cart and watching the live coverage. Click here to watch CNN footage of the explosion. They kept replaying the footage and it totally freaked me out. On board was the first teacher sent into space Krista McAuliffe. I remember it being a big deal because she was from NH, which is where I grew up. Also on board was Dick Scobee, pilot Michael Smith, mission specialists Judith Resnik, Ellison Onizuka and Ronald McNair, and Gregory Jarvis. The physical cause of the explosion was due to a faulty O-ring on one of the shuttle’s external boosters. The six day trip tragically ended just 72 seconds after the launch.

Click here for some new footage that recently surfaced. It was shot from a front yard in Melbourne, Florida