The second story of 130 Eastern Promenade broke a Portland record with its sale, and the pictures of property might explain why. 

According to MaineBiz, the 1,904 square foot, second story condo at 130 Eastern Promenade sold recently for $1.7 million. That condo sale shattered a Portland record for price per square foot, coming in at $893. The previous record in the city was a piece of property on the Portland peninsula that sold for $420 per square foot.

The second story condo includes 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and a combined kitchen/living room. It also has decks for both the front and back of the building for prime views overlooking the ocean and park. Check out some extra details on the property as well as some numbers from surrounding properties courtesy of MaineBiz.

130 Eastern Promenade once served as Ye Longfellow Inn but was transitioned over time to a rooming house. It was bought in July 2013 and renovated completely. There's still one unit available for purchase, the first floor unit with a retail price of $1.49 million. Check out the details here on Landvest via Karen Reiche.