Chipotle, the makers of delicious fast casual Mexican food, quietly announced that they will once again be raising their prices in 2015.

The price increase will focus on the Barbacoa and Steak offerings as sustainable beef prices have risen across the country. Chipotle says they will raise prices about 4% which amounts to about .30 cents extra. The price increases are expected to happen with the next few weeks.


HOT TAKE: I'm really looking forward to complaining on Twitter and Facebook about this "price increase". As far as prices going up is concerned, this is pennies. When someone told me Chipotle was "jacking up their rates", I immediately convinced myself that every burrito was going to cost 10 bucks. 30 cents? No problem. What was a bigger problem is the lack of carnitas in restaurants across the country. Chipotle announced that they should have the carnitas shortage problem fixed for 2015, which is fantastic news, because I NEED that in my tummy. (JD)