Miss the superbowl commercials cause you turned off the game cause it was such a blow out? Well take a peek here.. or a re-peek! 

Not sure anything tops this one. For the Shack to show their weakness like this then BAM!! they correct it on the spot with a wicked campaign... brilliant. Effective. (best parts: Devo guys, Ponch from C.H.i.P.S hitting on the girl, Q-Bert and Teen Wolf in full hoops outfit)

...And uh, yeah, thats about it. That was the one to me. The dog and the horse for Budweiser? Cute, but all been done before. Dorritos' was wacky, but ok. Bob Dylan, cool but seeing Bob Dylan himself IN the commercial with his own voice, music and acting.. come on Zimmerman! You're bigger than that! Beckhams for the gals, obviously. I'm sure there were some more, but I was probably getting cheese doodles.