Back Cove Portland--Instgram doesn't do it justice.  The camera's peripheral is no-where as wide as yours.

Cause yourself to stop during your run, or while biking the Boulevard, close to sunset, to look across Back Cove toward Tukey's Bridge...the Cathedral, the Eastland; from the opposite side looking down from North Street, see the gold cupola of McAuley, on a clear day Mount Washington, Washington Avenue, and Tukey's Bridge.  You pretty much see or hear Tukey's from every turn of the Cove.

From the drain-pipe half way around the loop-track, notice the flocks of ducks--families, actually--that have made the protected place their home for generations.  As you step back onto the track, notice those commuters, on foot, walking home in their work-clothes; coming from banks, stores, radio and TV stations.  The freedom to walk Back Cove, to run Back Cove to ride Back Cove is a treasure in our midst.  It's often missed "by that much".

As with all treasure, it's fun to just count it every so up your eyes, sometimes.  Maybe, if you live outside Portland, come visit the Cove on your weekend; bring your kids and dog.  Stop, breathe in the salt air.

Notice how rich you are.