The Drink Exchange will be Portland's first bar to let customers dictate the prices of drinks on the spot based on popularity. 


Facebook via The Drink Exchange

Located in the building that formerly housed the Merry Table, The Drink Exchange is set to become Portland's first bar that will use a stock market like system to determine their drink prices on the spot.

The technology behind this stock market system was developed a few years back by a Miami based software company. Throughout the bar, televisions will display a simulated stock market with prices rising and falling on various beers, wines and booze based on popularity and demand. You could be drinking a $6 rum and coke one minute and 10 minutes later, it might only cost $4. Bartenders will also have the option of "crashing" the market at any time, sending all drinks on the menu to rock bottom prices.

The Drink Exchange was the brainchild of Tanner Herget, who also owns 51 Wharf as well as the popular country-themed bar Bonfire. The Drink Exchange will be located between those two establishments at 43 Wharf St.

So what do you think? Ready to test your hand at the Drink Exchange?

Facebook via Drink Exchange