The Foo Fighters will release Songs From the Laundry Room, a collection of early demos, tomorrow for Record Store Day (April 18). However, frontman and RSD ambassador Dave Grohl says he originally wanted to release a recording of the band’s very first concert.

“There’s a tape, we’ve been searching for that tape for f---ing years,” Grohl told Rolling Stone. “Somebody has it. I think I know who has it, but someone’s got it and we’ve been trying to get it, and that’s actually what I wanted to release -- but we just couldn’t get our f---ing hands on it.”

The show took place at a venue called the Marine Building in Seattle on Feb. 19, 1995. It was Grohl’s first gig since his time with Nirvana.

“We thought the most comfortable way of easing into being the Foo Fighters would be to have a keg party and wait until everyone was wicked f---ing drunk and then start playing these songs that no one’s ever heard,” he recounted.

The band was already receiving a fair amount of attention due to its lineup, which not only featured Nirvana’s former drummer, but also Grohl’s Nirvana touring mate Pat Smear and Sunny Day Real Estate’s Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith.

“There was a lot of interest right off the bat, and that scared us because we hadn’t done anything yet,” Grohl explained. “We started getting interview requests the minute people found out we were a band. We didn’t even have anything to talk about yet, except for the past, and we didn’t want that. We wanted to do something new and we wanted to feel new again. So, the loft party seemed like the perfect place to start.”

“I remember it being such a huge relief that we just made it to the end and then it was maybe a month later that I heard the recording of it -- and I was f---ing mortified,” Grohl continued. “I thought we sounded great and I heard the recording like, ‘Ohhh… that’s the Foo Fighters? We’ve got to practice.’”

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