Is that a smart move as your band returns after a pretty long haitus? 



It seems that David Draiman is done with social media. During the band's break over the past four years, Draiman did a couple of things; he took a side shot with his more industrial side outfit called Device. No one cared. No one around here did thats for sure. When he played the Asylum WITH Hell Yeah, there was maybe 350 there. Last time he was in town (last few times) sold out Civic Center.

The other thing Draiman did during his time off was hit the internet hard. Hitting up blogs and speaking out against anti-Semitism. A good thing no doubt, but folks it's 2015 and anyone can just jump on line and say the worst s--t possible. Draiman had his fill of that talk. According to his interview with Blabbermouth, "I hope that the couple of years of my being as involved in it as I was meant something to people. I hope that they gleaned something from it, or took something away from it, or at least were entertained or something, because, now, I'm becoming a recluse."

Well with a new record due out in August called Immortalized, Draiman might want to remember that that social media thing might be needed for his day job. Hate to say it, but it's tough to be a popular band today, not interact with fans and expect more success. You need to get out there even a little bit.

Or at least have your road manager or assistant or roadie do it for you.

WCYY's Facemelter interviewing David of Disturbed at the Civic Center 2001, with the guys from Linkin Park checking it out