What you see above is a new TV spot for Deadpool, which promises all the violence and mayhem and profanity that should come with a proper adaptation of the beloved comic book character. Unfortunately for fans in China, it’s that content in particular that’s keeping the film from hitting theaters in their country.

THR reports that the R-rated Deadpool has been denied a release in China due to graphic violence, and while fans worldwide are excited for the film for that very reason, that faithfulness to the source material is keeping some audiences from being able to see Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller’s forthcoming film.

The MPAA gave Deadpool an R-rating for graphic violence, nudity and strong language, and it’s precisely all of those things that didn’t sit well with Chinese censors, and while they typically collaborate with studios to remove offending content so those films can see the light of day overseas, reports suggest that the content of Deadpool made that pretty much impossible. What happens when you remove all the violence from the Merc With a Mouth’s solo outing? You probably don’t have much of a film left to work with.

It’s a shame for 20th Century Fox, as blockbuster superhero and sci-fi / fantasy films do huge business in China, with the country’s box office accounting for a hefty portion of the worldwide gross on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Marvel offerings like Avengers: Age of Ultron.

For the rest of us, Deadpool hits theaters on February 12.