Check out this person's take on wrapping things up a little earlier with live shows. 


The writer makes some good points. Even the comment a reader made after the article about shows not being an "endurance contest" for us as concert goers makes some sense. I mean, a real wild Hatebreed show or seeing a Phish concert where they play all of the Beatles albums backwards in one night or anything involving Axl or pretty much any rap group... shows like that aren't gonna be quick and easy experiences and you should know that. But, a normal show with a normal line up, yeah, let's not beat things to death. 

The writer might have put a bit too much emphasis on your busy life AFTER the show as a reason to wrap shows up early though. Is that your concern? Don't you go to a show for the show and whatever time is left you figure it out then? If the bars are closed, you post party somewhere else right? Isn't it just about the show when you go to a show? Who the hell is rushing off to do other things you can do anytime? The shuffle/on demand world isn't allowing us to enjoy things. Pace ourselves and enjoy. That's kind of a shame. But it's kind of our faults. We can make those changes if we try.

Ex: Your favorite band or artist is coming to town. "HOLY CRAP! They're playing here? No way, I've been wanting to see these guys for so long!" That's you saying that. So, we can agree that you're psyched right? That's gonna be a hell of a good time right?! Isn't it safe to say that on that particular night, that's your main plan and priority? That's what you're focused on doing and it's what you're paying good money for as well. It's not like you're thinking. "Ooo after the concert I'm gonna run out quick and pick up some new shower curtains, then go to Build a Bear to make my little nephew a birthday present and maybe go out for a fine dinner with a bunch of people!" When you go to a show at night, isn't that how you wrap up your day for the most part? 

What happened to leaving a show with some friends, going home or to their place and listening to some music and having a pop and talking about the show and cool things. You can do that if a show ends at 11pm or 1am can't ya?

I have a hard time with shows that start at 10pm lately. Why? Well, cause I'm not 21 anymore. Dudes, your time is coming soon and when it does and 10pm hits you have ZERO desire to leave couch city or the warmth your stereo is giving off.

Local bands and venues, that's a different ballgame. Their business is the bar. Period. Make NO misunderstanding about it; the bar is importance #1 and that's how you stay in biz. Since that's the case, keeping the doors open as long as possible each night is what venues shoot for. So that's why bands go on later so they can get you there to drink early and stay to drink more later when the band goes on. Nothing wrong with that. Just sucks when you're having one of those days and you only want to see the band, not drink mad drinks and party. For a venue to put a headliner on at 9pm only to finish at 10:15-10:30 and lose out on a couple hours of drinking tabs - it won't happen. Hence, late shows.

Anyways, there's some random out of order thoughts on things. What do you like best? Let us know on our FB page. Comment away concert goers!