A dog described as a "Yorkie" survived after accidentally driving its owner's truck into Branch Lake on Saturday afternoon. 

Facebook via Ellsworth PD


According to the Bangor Daily News, an unidentified man was stunned as his truck began to move down a hill and submerge into Branch Lake on Saturday. Inside the truck was his small dog, without the ability to get out. Thankfully, a friend of the dog's owner was quick to respond and saved his furry friend before the submarined vehicle was able to claim the dog's life.

The Ellsworth Police Department told reporters, "The truck was fully submerged, without the quick response of the family friend the man would have lost his companion. She is a hero.”

According to police, the truck was parked on a hill with the dog left inside. While the man went to swim in Branch lake with friends, the dog somehow managed to hit the gear shift, and that's when the vehicle began it's descent into the lake. After the dog was rescued and police surveyed the scene, a tow company was called to remove the truck from the water. Police report that no person, or pet, was injured in the bizarre accident.

You can read the entire story from the Bangor Daily News here.

Facebook via Ellsworth PD