Occasionally when scrolling through Facebook, you find yourself stopping on a picture and taking a second look. In this case, I took a third and fourth. If you lived and breathed in Portland during the spring and summer, chances are you've circumnavigated Portland's ever so popular Back Cove walking path. You've also probably seen familiar faces, runners, bikers and caught a few moments of wildlife. But I highly doubt you've ever seen a car cruising your way.

There has been no official report of what exactly happened or WHEN this exactly happened. Kyle Wilson shared a photo on the Facebook page for Portland Maine Bicycle Commuting with comments streaming in that the driver of the car appeared to be an elderly man. There are two significant questions though. How did the elderly person end up on the walking path? How long was that elderly person driving on the path about to mow down various walkers/runners/bikers?

Perhaps it was all a misunderstanding, perhaps the sun or other conditions played a factor in a wrong turn. One thing is for sure, even on the very safe and secure Back Cove walking trail, be alert at all times. You never know when someone might decide that off roading is an evening drive option.