I mean, I remember when I was in college and the cafeteria wasn't serving my favorite dish. I usually shrugged it off though and made do. This kid, well, the booze I think influenced him to not take it so lightly!

After watching this foolishness I ponder these thoughts and following questions.

* How the hell did this allow to go so long? How do you allow this drunk to go on a rampage in the student cafeteria? You're disturbing the herd and giving this kid a chance to be a viral star. The minute the kid wouldn't comply with the manager you get the cops on the phone and call them down ASAP, don't wait for something to happen.

* I'm not one to mix it up or stick my hand in things, but nothings more annoying than seeing people stand by in some situations with a s--- eating grin doing nothing or worse, egging things on. When this kid touched anyone, 3 or 4 of those guys should have all properly, nicely shuffled that kid out of there together with the manager.

* I think we worry about this "sue" happy world too much. You don't want to have to deal with this situation I know, but tough crap. Get used to it, unfortunately. It's a college campus! There's many young people there making foolish decisions like bringing their drunk ass to a public dinner and going off. There's no reason why the manager of that area couldn't have taken this kid easily/gently by the arm out of the public and out of the cafeteria. Not beating the snot out of him or gripping his arm too tightly, but taking him by the arm TO PROTECT THE SAFETY OF OTHERS! If that school doesn't have a strong enough legal team to defend a suit against them by this kid who has ZERO in his defense; then they need to send the mascot home, cancel homecoming and close classes. That manager was in his right to calmly escort that publicly drunk and possibly dangerous and destructive student away from the cafeteria and the other students. This kid's long lasting 8 minute defiance made the school look pathetic and helpless in my opinion.

* Manager holding the kids face down to get his two cents in back at the kid, not cool. Just hold him down and be careful and don't fuel the kid anymore. Wait for the fuzz.

* Knucklehead drunk, yes. Stuff like this is gonna happen daily, yes. Could the kid be a decent kid, sure. That aside, you need to handle these situations a little better or maybe not better, but swifter. Swifter yes, and schools know it.