By now, there's a good that you, a family member or a friend has come across one of the many parking lots in Portland owned by the controversial company known as Unified Parking Partners. UPP busted on the Portland parking scene last year and immediately gained a reputation as a radically unfair and overtly expensive alternative to public parking. That will still be the case but with a minor twist.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Unified Parking Partners have announced a change in their booting policies after months of public backlash. UPP will no longer boot first offenders in their lots. Instead, they will issue "tickets" that penalize patrons $20 for parking beyond the allotted time. UPP says after 3 unpaid tickets, they will boot a car.

Most of the heat UPP took came from a ridiculous booting policy on cars who overstayed their designated time in a UPP lot. If your car was left in a lot for more than 20 minutes past your ticket stub, UPP would boot you, with a boot removal fee often costing as much as $70. This enraged Portland residents as well as visitors, who began complaining at a record rate to the city's parking division.

Another major complaint about UPP was their misleading use of the universally friendly P logo known for public parking. The complaints levied towards the City of Portland's parking division were mostly because patrons of UPP's lots thought that the city itself was booting them. People also were upset because UPP charged for parking on Sundays and holidays, when the city does not.

UPP has recently worked with the city to improve their signage, in hopes of making it clear that patrons are parking in a private lot and those lots have their own policies that do not follow the city's guidelines. Additionally, the change in the aggressive booting policy should help ease some of the severe anger that has been levied towards UPP.

Is this enough? Would you like to see the City of Portland pursue more legislation to make UPP's lots fair?