Whether you're a willing participant or not, here are five places in Portland where you may end up getting your jaw jacked on any given night. 

"Put your dukes up!" For most people, that's not something you want to hear on a night out but for others, it comes with the territory. If you've spent even just a few nights out in Portland's Old Port, you've probably seen tensions get high and maybe even some punches thrown. The consequences are always the same, being tossed out of a bar, arrested, or even worse, a trip to the hospital.

So while amateur boxing is bound to happen in any area where alcohol is consumed at a staggering rate, we decided to compile a short list of places where, frankly, your face may come in contact with someone's fist. Can't we just discuss this like adults?!


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It's Portland's oldest pub, which means it's probably seen its fair share of duels inside and outside the premises. It's one of those places within city limits that if people don't like you when you walk in, they don't hesitate to tell you. PUNCH PROBABILITY: HIGH


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We don't need to get specific when it comes to Fore Street because there are a few places along the way where a haymaker may come flying your way. Portland has done a great job in recent years by eliminating vehicle traffic and lining the street with police presence in the most "heated" hours of the evening but that still hasn't stopped some people from thinking they're Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 1 a.m. PUNCH PROBABILITY: MODERATE


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Take a right off of Fore Street and you'll find yourself on Moulton Street where one of Portland's favorite underground bars exists, the Old Port Tavern. OPT has long been known for transitioning from restaurant to dance club during the evening hours. It's also been known to include a left hook or two if you're not careful. Just stare at the fish tanks, not someone menacing. PUNCH PROBABILITY: MODERATE


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There's something in genetics where drunk people want hot pizza and thus, Bill's Pizza is usually jammed in the late night hours. But with any crowding of humans comes a heightened risk of hostility. Bill's typically isn't the place where fights start, but it often is the places where fights end. Just get a slice and walk away. PUNCH PROBABILITY: LOW


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Wharf Street is the top destination for people looking for the "club" atmosphere versus the pub atmosphere. And because there are several clubs in close proximity, a mass of people can be found around 1 a.m. several night per week. As if walking on the cobblestone wasn't difficult enough when tipsy, keep your head up in case Johnny Jabsworth is feeling punchy after a few Jager shots. PUNCH PROBABILITY: RED ALERT