Despite the fact that it's been deserted for years now, the Wok Inn on Portland's Forest Ave serves as a landmark for lost motorists and nostalgic patrons. But soon, it will be torn down and replaced with a brand new location of nationwide parts distributer, AutoZone.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the parts giant has applied for a permit to take over the vacant piece of prime real estate and a erect a brand new structure after demolishing the old Chinese food favorite on Morrill's Corner.

In late 2013, Wok Inn closed its doors, never recovering from bad publicity about various health violations as well as increased competition in Portland from other Chinese/Vietnamese establishments. During its best days, Wok Inn was a Portland institution, with long lines out the door because of its delicious (and inexpensive) offerings. Maine Eater details the lengthy history of Wok Inn here.

Do you still miss the Wok Inn? Would have preferred to see another restaurant occupy the prime location on Morrill's Corner?