...You need to. I need people to check the clip of this band. I'd like to hear what people have to say about it cause I'm still really wrapping my head around it.. 7 views later! 

Future Islands are an 80's synth-like band from the Baltimore area. They just put out their 4th record last week called "Singles". I've watched this clip many times this week. I'm confused, blown away, questioning, mezmorized, slightly off put, stoked... Its super 80's synth. Its Tom Jones meets Talk Talk ("its my life") meets the Killers. That may send some of you packing and thats fine. Open minded music people only here please.

Don't skip through it though. Make sure you watch the dancing moves, the real honesty from this guy, the death metal growls, the chest pounds and the Letterman/Schaffer love at the end. I heard the day after this performance they sold an ASS TON of records. I have alot of friends in music at record labels and in bands talking about this performance. Lots of head scratching going on. If anything, they hit a homerun for buzz.

Again, if you're open minded with music and not a genre snob, have a look. If you're 100,000% all rock and nothing else, thats cool too. You just might find more interest in a Soundgarden record right about now. 

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