Ever see the movie BLOW staring Johnny Depp? Depp portrayed the legendary American cocaine smuggler George Jung. At the end of the movie, based on the true story, Jung went to prison. Well, its 2014 and guess who just got out of prison?  

If you vaguely remember the George Jung story, maybe this will refresh your memory!

Jung aka Boston George, was just this week released from prison after nearly two decades behind bars. Jung now 71, left from Prison in New Jersey and flew to San Francisco where he checked into a halfway house to start a new life.

Let's just hope he keeps his nose clean this time! Whoa! Hello! I'll be here all week folks. Tip your waitresses and please join us for happy hour on Wednesdays!

Here is Jung after he touched down in San Francisco with some advice to all and a plug for New England's most popular dish.