After tremendous success with their other locations, OTTO pizza is planning to open its first Portland location off of the peninsula. 

Facebook via OTTO

According to the Eater Maine, those Portland residents who are craving OTTO pizza but don't want to drive to the peninsula are getting some great news, there will be a brand new location opening on Read St. in the very near future.

Read St. is a connector between two major Portland arteries, Ocean Ave and outer Forest Ave. where you'd find the ever popular Po' Boys and Pickles. There is not exact opening date for the new location as of right now, but it will be the first expansion for OTTO in Portland that isn't located on the peninsula.

It's been a busy year for owners Mike Keon and Anthony Allen. Beyond expanding their OTTO brand, they also successfully opened a quick service burrito joint called OCHO located on Congress St. here in Portland. There are also additional rumors that the pair will be opening a sandwich shop in town called HERO soon.

Check out the article from Eater Maine here for additional details and updates.