Is the potential harm it can cause, and has caused, worth the benefits? I "Google Mapped" my address recently for the hell of it. It blows my mind how I could "drive up my driveway" by using my PC mouse as if it were a joystick. Not only can you see your actual home, but specifics nearby as well. ie: cars, license plates and even occasionally people, which brings me to a story that surfaced today. A father in San Francisco had to, in a sense, relive his 14 year old son's death. When the address of the scene of the murder was punched in, it zoomed right in on the aftermath of his son's murder back in 2009. The pros and cons of technology.

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It's been a topic of discussion for the past few years now. We are constantly being watched, photographed and videotaped...a lot of times without even knowing it. In a sense, the only time you can be almost positive that your privacy is in play is in your own home...with the shades drawn. I wonder if Rockwell had any idea of what this song would mean today, back in 1984 when he wrote it. (with Michael Jackson helping out on the chorus.)