The Grammy Nominations are out - and the list is CYY. Imagine Dragons, Tame Impala, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, NIN - all nominated for Grammys! Plus many more bands we play. Check out the whole list here! The show airs January 26th.

Hey, it’s Trent. The Grammys - what a great awards show - live music, wild rock stars and more live music! It’s the one show I make sure I watch... Many of the great bands we play on CYY will take home a trophy - And the nominees are!... Grammy Nominations - Paste Magazine!

Getty Images - Tame Impala - Kevin Parker and Jay Watson

Tame Impala's Album - Lonerism - is nominated for Best Alternative Music Album.

Getty Images - Imagine Dragons - Dan Platzman

Imagine Dragons and Radioactive are Nominated for Record of the Year.