See the Rn'R Hall of Fame Show? Dave &Taylor from the Foo Fighters, Stewart Copeland of the Police, Questlove, Chad from the Chilli Peppers and more talk about the legendary sound and style of Ringo. This is damn cool. 

All hail Ringo!

Posted by Chad Smith on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cool to see these guys talk about a drummer who wasn't flashy or tricky. He played his part well and was the real first rock drummer in a band that people could single in on and focus on. Drummers had their first real drummer in a real band to look up to. Although he was in the back sitting down, he was a rock star as much as any of the Beatles. There are drummers and then there is RINGO. 


Here's Ringo a post press conference.... 




Hey check out Paul and Jimmy Fallon talk about Ringo here... 



Ringo taking the pizza game to a whole new level