There's been some great music on Spinout lately on Thursday nights! New mjusic, new releases, indie, local, etc. See what you've been missing right here...


PLASTIC VISIONS is wacked. The lead singer is the cousin of Matt and Brad from Cage the Elephant. Brad actually plays guitar in this band too. Twisted stuff. (Watch out if you play it at the work place)

TEMPLES' song Shelter Song is one of the most authentic sounding older BUT NEWER tunes I've heard in a long time. It's like The Mamas and Papas records Rubber Soul. Drum sounds are sooo sick.

ANIMALS AS LEADERS... super geek out tech metal. Nutty musicianship. I get calls everytime I play these guys. Makes sense.

PLAGUE VENDOR is like a garage version of Gang of Four meets the Strokes meets Lou Reed.. but wilder and a tad more raw punk.

LO-FANG is one guy basically. He wrote this whole album "Blue Film" while travelling around the world. It's a pretty damn chill vibe, but sexy as hell. He has a real hush style of singing. Moody and very very cool.

KGFREEZE our local boys. Kyle formerly of Cosads and Grand Hotel finally has done want he wanted to always do... make a record of dance pop indie alternative rock. It's got everything but the kitchen sink in it. He has a potty mouth on this tune too, so watch out at work and around the youth.