Why it is none other than the entrepreneur that everyone loves to hate: Martin Shkreli.


In a supervillain twist it seems that the internet's most-hated entrepreneur has bought the most expensive album ever made.

The Wu-Tan Clan created only one copy of their album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin and it looks like it was snatched by none other than Martin Shkreli for $2 million, according to Bloomberg.com.

The sale was agreed upon in May before Shkreli became the target of loads of internet hate for purchasing the drug called Daraprim and raising its price $13.50 a pill to $750. The drug helps prevent malaria and treats toxoplasmosis, and people were pretty upset that a company would inflate the price so much.

The country's most-hated business man seems pretty happy with his decision and is still defiant against much of the hate targeted towards him and his business practices. This attitude, and his insistence on pushing back against the controversy, means that there will be plenty of upset hip hop fans out there wishing the album was bought by anyone else.

Apparently Shkreli hasn't listened to the album yet, but told Bloomberg that he would if  famous celebrity like Taylor Swift wanted to listen with him. For now he is waiting for a "rainy day" when he is feeling down.

For now he will be content shoving it in everyone's faces.