Based on a national survey representative of 1,000 people (conducted on Feb. 10), Wist [] -- a fun new app for personalized food and drink recommendations -- has found that men and women largely misunderstand the romantic preferences of each other on Valentine's Day:


* While women prefer an "out-of-town trip" (25%) or a "romantic home-cooked meal" (24%) as their top two Valentine's Day activities, men are most commonly planning "dinner at a fun and casual restaurant" (23%) or "dinner at a fancy and elegant restaurant" (15%) for the romantic holiday.

*  While 55% of men prefer to go out to dinner, only 12% of women who plan Valentine's Day activities intend to go out to dinner with their men.

*  Unlike a Hollywood movie scene, both men (56%) and women (59%) prefer a "fun and casual" Valentine's Day spot to a "fancy and elegant" venue.


*  Both men (43%) and women (46%) prefer "something creative that requires thought or time" as their top Valentine's Day gift.

*  Among traditional gifts, women overwhelmingly prefer to receive jewelry (39%), but most men (34%) will give flowers.

* For traditional gifts, men much preferred to receive "something sexy" (32%), but most women (36%) will give their man a card.


* With only a few days left until Valentine's Day, 66 percent of women and 42 percent of men haven't made plans yet about what to do on Feb. 14.

*  Likewise, with only a few shopping days left, 44 percent of women and 32 percent of men haven't yet decided what gift to give their significant other.