You have to go reeeeeally bad. You make it to the public urinal filled with other people relieving themselves right next to you and all of a still have to pee but you can't because there is absolutely no privacy. Your problems are OVER....well, maybe not but if you decide to go the distance and carry one of these around with you, you might be good.

The "Privi-Pee" is essentially a cape that comes equipped with suction cups that attach to the wall. I know what you're saying....this can't be real, right? I thought the same thing. The suction cups attach to the wall on either side of the urinal so you have your own little....fort to separate you and other nearby peers.

Is it compact? You know it. It rolls up and fits in a backpack. It's perfect for when you go to a concert or sporting event, you can tell the security guard that wants to search your bag "Hey! That's my Priva-Pee cape!"

Unfortunatly this amazing, revolutionary product will not be ready in time for the holidays for that stage freight sufferer on your list.