We are approaching the three year mark of our trivia night at Gritty's in Portland. CYY and Gritty's have a great, longtime relationship so when we were approached in early 2011 about testing out a trivia night, we were happy to give it a shot. People have plenty of options for a trivia night so we wanted to try some new things and put our own spin on it. We wanted to create a fun night, and have people want to come back. We had no idea how it was going to go. After just a couple of months, we had a good size room of players, including weekly teams that never miss a night and new teams that try it out every week. We have fun.

How it works:

We have four rounds of ten questions. The first two rounds are themed, with the last two rounds being general knowledge. The general knowledge rounds turn into speed rounds, where your ability to answer questions quickly will score you double the points. We have prizes for the top 3 teams. Prizes include gift cards, prize packs, concert tickets, lift tickets and more. Finally, the legendary Gritty's beer is flowing with a full menu so you can have dinner or a snack while simultaneously exercising your brain muscles.

Nate and Rhea serving up drinks!

We turn it into a "traveling quiz show" for certain parts of the year. It's kind of like the circus, minus the animals, hoops of fire and acrobats. We will start up another residency at the Freeport location of Gritty's for sixteen weeks every Thursday beginning 1/30.

Come by the Portland location some Wednesday night, We'll bet you Joe's Batman PJ's that you'll come back. It happens from 7-9pm. Same deal in Freeport every Thursday starting 1/30.

Quiz show players