The company unveiled "Shelby", a 418 pound chocolate lobster in hopes of creating the largest chocolate sculpture in the world. 

Portland Press Herald


According to the Portland Press Herald, Haven's Candies, a well-known Maine candy maker wanted to do something special for their 100th anniversary this year. Thus the idea to create a 418lb milk chocolate lobster named "Shelby". The company chose the name for the former owner, Shelby Putnam, who owned the company for 2 decades.

"Shelby" is 7 and a half feet long and Haven's believes that they've created the largest chocolate sculpture in the world and have officially submitted "Shelby" to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Haven's will display "Shelby" through October 22nd at their store on 87 County Road in Westbrook.

The Portland Press Herald has more details about "Shelby" and Haven's Candies 100 year anniversary here.