Munjoy Hill has experienced many changes over the last 100 years. While many of the buildings are still still standing with minor changes, others have been lost completely and replaced with new structures.

100 Congress Street in 1924

This building at 100 Congress Street was once owned by George Nanos and housed a convenience store and Munjoy Food Shop.

100 Congress Street Now

The same building now houses Hilltop Coffee and a few other businesses.

The Portland Observatory in 1924 and Now

The Portland Observatory has remained nearly unchanged while the structures around it have transformed.

181 Congress Street in 1924

181 Congress Street Now

You can still see the original building in the back but the home on Congress Street has been replaced by a new structure that is now home to Katie Made Bakery.

88 Congress Street in 1924

88 Congress Street Now

The modern building with Rosemont Market and Lolita replaced a family home.

95 Congress Street in 1924

95 Congress Street Now

No word on what happened to the original structure at 95 Congress Street but it has since been replaced with new construction.