After a LONG wait, we finally see what the Jimi Hendrix movie looks like staring Andre 3000 of Outkast (aka Andre Benjamin).

I'm a big fan of Andre and Outkast. I remember playing their first record when I did college radio 230 years ago! Anyways, I was talking with a friend a couple weeks ago about how crappy its been that Outkast, and Andre specifically, really had a chance to blow things up big after their dual album Speakerboxx/The Love Below. This is the guy who did "Hey Ya", a song loved by basically.. everyone! Still to this day! It was such a universal tune that it made him a favorite of rock, rap, pop, dance and country fans even. HE HAD IT ALL! He was sort of becoming like the Prince/Bowie of rap. Outkast afterwards would make a movie that didn't do much, a soundtrack to accompany it that didn't do much, some appearances here and there, Big Boi did some solo stuff - other than that, never a true Outkast follow up or the continued success they deserved.

Andre however was picked to play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic. It feels like that story broke 10 years ago. Well, it hasn't been that long, but long enough that I almost broke the mouse clicking on this clip that's just surfaced. As expected, it looks like Andre is going to do a great job as Jimi. See for yourself.