Here's a sight you don't see every day. A car firmly stuck on a sidewalk planter on High Street in Portland. How did this happen? 

It happened right outside the studios of WCSH 6 on High Street just before Congress Square. The woman driving the car somehow ended up on the planter, busting it in two and tried to gun it to get off with no luck.

John Blunda

John Blunda, who provided these photos, did check to see if the woman was okay, but she wouldn't roll down the window to speak with him. We don't know if she was frightened or embarrassed. Maybe both, but it was clear she was unharmed.

What's not clear is how she managed this daring feat. Of all the places to pull one of these maneuvers it had to be just feet from the front door of a TV station. That's a bad day if I've ever heard of one.

She did manage to get freed from the planter later. Anyone want some free dirt?

John Blunda