There is sometimes a sad truth about the rockstars we love and idolize and that sad truth is that we truly know nothing about them personally. Former frontman Ian Watkins of the UK band Lostprophets is a perfect example as he plead guilty today to 13 counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. The disturbing and unsettling details of what Watkins plead guilty to can be found here in this New York Times story. Real life stories like this make it hard for individuals, all of us, to admit that at one point in time we really loved a band that included this monster. I can admit it though, the Lostprophets album Start Something was always on the top of my personal lists as a favorite. But given the magnitude of this story, I think its time to tuck my love for the band away in a small hole somewhere. After reading the gruesome details, how do you feel today, right now, about the Lostprophets?