Anyone else see Rough Francis last weekend? Great band from Burlington, VT. I've played them on Spinout for a couple of years now. If you're new to Rough Francis or even their dad's band the punk band, Death; watch, learn, listen and become a fan. And you're welcome.


Ok, first things first - If you've never heard me talking about or playing Rough Francis on Spinout, OR if you don't even know the pre-origins; let' start with the trailer to this documentary that you need to see in it's entirety ASAP. Watch this!


Don't forget to watch that whole thing now. I mean why wouldn't you after seeing that trailer?! Also this is really cool; next year when the Smithsonian opens up their National Museum of African American History and Culture, Death will be in there proudly as they are widely regarded as the first punk rock band. Not the first black punk rock band, the FIRST punk rock band. Wonderful thing to see happen next year.

OK, so that is the band, Death. (not the metal band). Bobby Hackney, the bassist has three sons; Urian, Julian and Bobby Jr. After years of skateboarding, growing up and finding music and playing music; those three dudes started a band called Rough Francis back in the mid to later 00's and they've worked their asses off. They've been to Portland a bunch of times and I've been lucky enough to see a couple shows. Don't miss them next time. They'll help charge your rock spirit up some. Cause let's face it, everyone's is in the friggin gutter lately.

photo: morgan day photography

They have the punk intelligence to GET IN THE VAN. They tour, they play and they play more. They make great flyers too! They also bring a sound that no one has. Think The Who meets Wilson Pickett & Hendrix at a punk rock club in Detroit playing a bill with the MC5.

Rough. Francis.